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MIR Testimonials

In June 2012, the school leaders of the three Fundación MIR schools in La Romana, Dominican Republic participated in a four-day School Leadership Institute sponsored by Florida International University in Miami, Florida, USA. The goals of the institute were to provide professional development to school leaders in general school operations and effective strategies in teaching and learning; to provide a planning process that included the development of an action plan for each school with goals, objectives and strategies for the 2012-2013 school year; and to forge deeper linkages and professional relationships among the school administrators and support staff from the MIR schools.  Each goal was successfully met during this initial training with the objective to conduct follow-up sessions periodically over the upcoming school year.  The school administrators and support staff worked collaboratively with one focus in mind…to successfully lead their staff to improve school culture and to improve student achievement through effective teaching and learning.

Professionally, although we work in different countries the MIR school leaders and I share common experiences and challenges in our schools. The staff is hardworking and very devoted to their craft and although each serves in a different capacity they are all dedicated to their students.  Personally, I took away fond memories of the school leaders from the three MIR schools but I also left behind good friends.  Each day the staff shared stories of their Dominican traditions, their families, and their lives in the beautiful city of La Romana.  These experiences built a bond between us as professional educators and also “Buenos amigos.”    

Dr. Sharon M. López
Department of Leadership and Professional Studies
Florida International University
Miami, Florida USA


“I am grateful the opportunity to serve as a volunteer with the Boys and Girls schools at Fundacion MIR. Their commitment to address the social and family systems problems faced by impoverished children in La Romana through education is a model of community empowerment for future generations”. 



Lian Fangul de Azqueta

Honorabe señora:

Reciban usted y su familial as más ricas bendiciones y Paz del Señor. Luego de saludarle quiero darle el más profundo y sincere agradecimiento al igual que a todo su equipo de colaboradores que operan en la Fundación MIR, ya que gracias a usted pronto seré un joven graduado de bachillerato con una profesión técnica en electricidad, la cual me servirá para insertarme en la vida productive.

También quiero agradecerle por sus esfuenzos al otorgarme una Beca para estudiar en tan prestioso centro educativo, ya que sin su ayuda este sueño no podria ser realidad, pues mis padres no tienen los recursos económicos necesarios para costear mi educación.

Les deseo mucha vida, prosperidad y salud a usted y su familia, y que el Señor le conceda los deseos más profundos de sus corazones, les prometo no defraudarles y poner el nombre de esta institución en alto con mi manera de comportarme en la sociedad y poniendo en práctica lo aprendido en las áreas técnicas que he aprendido en este centro.

Agredeciéndole y exhortándole que siga colaborando con los jóvenes más necesitados de La Romana, con mucho cariño se despide.

Miguel Andrelis Rosario Luis
Estudiante de 4to. Técnico en mantenimiento Eléctrico


About Us

In 1988, after a pilgrimage to Bosnia, Lian Fanjul de Azqueta, the founder of what has come to be MIR Charities, felt an overwhelming need to give to those in need in her community. Humbly, Lian began a small food distribution service with a colleague. They packed bags of food in her mother’s garage and distributed the sustenance throughout the nearby town of Pahokee, Florida. Later that same year, her brother Alfonso Fanjul won the Sugar Golf Tournament and donated his winnings to his sister to use as seed money to begin educational programs in the Dominican Republic and that is when MIR began. read more

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